Johnnie B. aka The Spin Master

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Johnnie “B” (Johnnie Bundage)

He learned to dance in 1969.

Teacher: Linda Reese

Dance Partners: Ms Hilda and Cynthia Bird

Member of 3 Dance Groups: The Getdowners (JB, Ms. Hilda) Leroy Dowell, Linda Reese, Pat Mc Cain) The Spinning Tops, and The War Lords

Performed at: The Colosseum (JB even had a TV appearance on PM magazine)

Favorite Dance Venues: The Afro Ballroom, French Connection, Latin World, Grand Central Station, The Big Apple, The Cinder Room

Favorite Dance Memory: His time with The Getdowners and The Spinning Tops

His Dance Motto: “Always…make it do what it do.”


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  1. I have always loved to see him dance.

    • admin

      Thanks Ms. Deborah!!

  2. Masterful, Inspiring, motivating, fun and Legendary!

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