Our Team–Lead Instructors (Walter and Iris)


Our Story:

After watching R. Kelly’s “Step N the Name of Love” video, Walter found a love for stepping.  And in March 2009, he decided to sign up for dance lessons with Lee Perry and Fanci Dancer of The Best of Two-Step and Swing-Out.  He instantly fell in love with Two Step.

My (Iris) love of dance began on a different path.  I fell in love with dance after I began taking DFW Swing Out Classes with Brenda Mathews in June of 2009. My feet never tired of dancing!  Even though Walter and I started on different paths, we ended up in the same Flo-Motion Two Step class in 2010. Shortly after starting Two Step classes with Jay Owens (Founder, Lead Instructor for Flo-Motion), Walter went on to win his first Two Step contest at the 3rd Annual “Steppin’ in the Bayou” competition, with our fellow Flo-Motion classmate Latisa Lewis.

In October 2010, I wrestled up enough courage to ask Walter to be my dance partner, and with the help of a lot of prayers, he accepted!  Four months later, on January 27th, 2011, we placed 2nd in our first dance competition (Follow My Lead Dance Contest w/Big Smooth aka Derrick Farrow), and two weeks later we participated in our first showcase, an honor granted to us by Step N Style of Houston. This competition and our first showcase was just the beginning for us. Throughout 2011, besides becoming instructors for Flo-Motion, we also continued to showcase at several events; however, our biggest achievement came in 2011 when we won 1st place in the 4th Annual “Steppin’ in the Bayou” dance competition in Baton Rouge.  Following this win, in 2013, at the National Swing Dance Competition in Dallas, Walter and I won 1st place in three categories w/each other (and we won other categories with some of Houston’s finest dancers.)

At the end of 2013, we decided to take a much needed break. However, the dance was never far from our thoughts. Thus in mid 2014, the idea to start our own dance group began to form. And over a year later, The Art of Kemistry was born. It was a journey to making sure everything was ready…and that we were ready. But oh what a year it was!

Our success belongs in part to our families, friends, and mentors. Thus, we would like to thank everyone, especially the Houston Two Step legends for passing their knowledge and their love for Houston Two-Step to us and so many others. Walter and I promise to continue to grow in our dance, and we promise to continue to share our budding knowledge with all of you.

We are always looking ahead to the future.  With God’s help, our dedication, and our love of Houston Two-Step, the sky is the limit for us.

Walter and Iris–Friends, Dance Partners, and 2 Steppers 4 Life

Our Dance Competition History:

2nd Place Winners “Follow My Lead” Competition in Dallas,2010

1st Place Winners “Steppin in the Bayou” Dance Competition, 2011

3 time 1st Place Winners at the NSDC Competition in Dallas, 2013

(Just Dance, Showcase, Jack N Jill Categories)

2nd Place Winners, Dancing for a Cause” Dance Competition, 2014

1st Place Winners Invitational 2Step Showcase, International Swing Dance Championship, 2014

2nd Place Winners Invitational 2Step Jack & Jill, International Swing Dance Championships, 2015

1st Place Winners Houston 2Step Strictly, International Swing Dance Championship, 2016

1st Place Winners Houston 2Step Classic Division, International Swing Dance Championship, 2016


Walter and Iris have also won several competitions with some of Houston’s finest 2steppers, i.e., Latisa Lewis, Johnnie B, Jay Owens, and Kent Sharp.