“What we Know…What we Believe”

This is what we know:

We know that to learn “The Dance,” no matter which dance it is, takes tremendous practice. We know that in order to learn the dance students need a few things from their instructors: 1) dedication , 2) passion, 3) and willing teachers who are more than ready to honor their roles as students.  [Because there is always more to learn…]. But at the same time, instructors need some things from their students: 1) dedication, 2) passion, 3) and a willingness to always honor their roles as students…[Because there is always more to learn…]. Not much difference is there?

The journey to becoming a great dancer is not only about what you know or who you know, it is about a continuum.  A desire to continue to learn, to continue to practice, to continue to make mistakes, and a continued willingness to learn from these mistakes.

At TAOK, we take our jobs as teachers quite seriously. This is not to say other instructors don’t. (In fact, we have learned so much from so many other dedicated instructors.) But what we will say is that we feel we are intentional. We are intentional in our desire to move 2-step beyond Texas and Louisiana. We will intentionally do all that we can to teach the art of 2step to children, teens, and adults. And we are most intentional in loving, respecting, and maintaining the heart and soul this historical dance. In fact, it is a job we honor and cherish the most.

We are 2steppers…it is both a job and and adventure.
Iris and Walter